Full Home Remodel

Greenville, SC

This full-house remodel received a new floor plan, requiring the modification of walls and floors, including the insertion of a half-bath on the first floor.

The new floor-plan created a hallway giving the dining area more privacy . Most of the existing trim in the house was stripped, sanded, stained, and polyurethaned to keep the historic feel of the area.

The kitchen was completely remodeled with new floorplan, storage space, countertops and cabinets.

The full-bathroom was completely remodeled with new floor, tile, tub and sink. Everything was completely removed, updated and replaced except for the cast iron tub which was re-glazed. One wall of the bathroom was pushed back to increase the space in the bathroom.

The bedroom upstairs was enlarged by combining two previous rooms into one. The remodel still maintained many of the original characteristics of the historic structure.

This 80-year-old home retained many of its original materials to keep the historic feel of the structure while adding a more modern look and useable floor-plan.

Solid Construction was called upon to restore and update this historic Greenville home. We fully satisfied the expectations of the homeowner, going the extra mile to update and improve this home while keeping its historic charm.

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